Fire Safety

Fire is an increasing risk to our area. Mosier has experienced three very close calls in that past 10 years alone: Microwave Fire of 2010, the Oil Train Derailment of 2016, and the Memaloose Fires of 2018. We’ve had the national news media trucks parked on 1st Street more times than we’d like. Right now, our Mosier Valley Volunteer Firefighters work and train in two outdated buildings. The Mosier Center will give them greater ability to protect our community, while providing emergency shelter and help for fires, floods, power outages, and earthquakes. And a place to clean their equipment without having to leave town.


Mosier is a special place. Big enough for room to breath and Small Enough to Make a Difference. This building not only provides space for a City Hall where more than one conversation can take place at one time (our current office is only 10’ x 22’) and a garage to protect our public works equipment, but also offers meeting spaces for the public to connect -including an event hall with professional audio/visual equipment for both fire department trainings as well as for use by community organizations. A Food Pantry & Space for Emergency Shelter will also help support our community in times of need.

Economic Stability

The Mosier Center will include a commercial kitchen with flex space for developing farm to table food products from our Agriculture community as well as innovative creative services. The outdoor area is designed to be used as a permanent farmers market location for up to 6 months of the year. And the building will include a visitors welcome center to point travelers to our local businesses, tasting rooms and trails.

Connection to History

In 2014 our town was transformed into a giant celebration of our centennial, including a multi-location museum displaying photos and items from multiple families in the area. This building will give us a permanent place to display these collections along with the interviews conducted at the time and performances from Voices From the Past.

100 years ago three of our most iconic structures were added to Mosier: the school, the Fruit Growers and the bridge on Hwy 30 crossing Mosier Creek. We see Mosier Center not only as a way to boost the vibrancy of our main street today but as our gift to the community of Mosier in 2120.