Here are the ways we have kept/will keep costs down throughout the process:

  • Use City-owned property to site the Center.  The Committee used grant money to hire an independent consultant to evaluate potential sites in the Mosier Valley. The recommendation ultimately came down to two sites in Mosier owned by the City. Using City property significantly reduces the money we need to raise in the end.
  • Get better estimates of cost. After the initial estimates by Hennebery Eddy, our architects Minarik provided a refinement.  More refinements will come after we bring a contractor on to the team. 
  • Value engineering. We have to ask and answer questions like: (1) How important is a particular building attribute? To what groups? What are they willing and able to contribute?  (2)  How much does paying more now save on future operating costs? What’s the pay-back period (e.g., solar panels)? (3) Should we drop a building attribute completely (e.g., no community kitchen) or modify it (e.g., make it smaller? not do everything necessary to make it functional as a commercial kitchen)?
  • Use a “Construction Manager/General Contractor” method for project delivery. Bringing a GenContractor firm on board early gets it involved in design, building materials, and construction techniques to help keep costs down. 
  • Do a lot of the planning and funding work with volunteers. That is has been Mosier’s method for success: a lot of volunteer work leading to outside funding (e.g., key infrastructure like water, sewer, streets). The Committee continues the tradition. 
  • Make the tough choices with the public.   The Committee has a mission: to see if it can find a way to get some version of the Mosier Center designed, funded, and built. It has been given that mission by the City Council and Fire District Board. It will make recommendations to those elected bodies at meetings that will be open to the public. It will certainly have to make hard choices about what space, functions, or amenities to cut from the current building design to fit the funding that is ultimately available.