This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Mosier to create a community building. We have worked hard to make sure it will cover our needs for the next 100 years and beyond.  

We have already gathered $3.5 million of funding from a State grant and the settlement from the UPRR derailment.

Based on the strong advice of elected State legislators, we have designed a multi-use building that serves many groups and needs. Because we have had a serious process of public engagement, we have created a solution that accommodates these different desires along with a view of the long-term costs and impact to the town.

Mosier Center Committee feels strongly that it has to deliver to the community a “building of value.”

We will be reaching out to multiple grant sources to help complete the funding of the building. Local fundraising is an important step in this process. Philanthropic foundations need to see that our community supports this new building.

We will be asking you to give a meaningful donation to help make the Mosier Center a reality. What ever is meaningful to you.

Our goal is to secure local donations from as many Mosier residents as possible. Our more important goal is to reach 100% participation. We want to be able to say that every person gave something to this new community center, no matter how small. That it truly belongs to everyone.