It takes time to build a public structure.

The process for the Mosier Center began in 2015 with an exploration of the best, most cost effective solution for a new Fire Station. Hennebery Eddie was contracted via a grant to do the initial public engagement and site analysis.

The 2016 oil train derailment resulted in a year of negotiations by Team Mosier – a formal committee made up of City, Fire & School representatives. A joint use facility was the clear result of both the initial exploration, a large State grant and the settlement agreement with UPRR.

In 2018, we formed a legal committee made up of Fire & City representatives to work through the details and steps needed to build a Joint Use Facility.

In 2019, we conducted several public meetings to thoroughly investigate the best location, to select an architect (along with professional fire station experts and industry leading net zero consultants), to lobby in Salem, to select a name and to begin the local fundraising efforts.

The completion schedule will depend on fundraising but the hope it to begin building in 2020 with a grand opening in 2021.