Keeping the Cost Down

Here are the ways we have kept/will keep costs down throughout the process:

  • Use City-owned property to site the Center.  The Committee used grant money to hire an independent consultant to evaluate potential sites in the Mosier Valley. The recommendation ultimately came down to two sites in Mosier owned by the City. Using City property significantly reduces the money we need to raise in the end.
  • Get better estimates of cost. After the initial site feasibility assessment, Minarik Architecture provided refinement and schematic design documents.  Kirby Nagelhout Construction and Minarik will continue to refine with iterative cost estimates through the design process.
  • Value engineering. We have to ask and answer questions like: (1) How equitable is a particular building attribute? (2) How much does the upfront cost of net zero save on future operating costs? (3) Can we secure in kind support for specific project components?
  • Use a “Construction Manager/General Contractor” method for project delivery. We brought Kirby Nagelhout on early as our General Contractor to assist with design, building materials, and construction techniques to help keep costs down. 
  • Engage community volunteers. Mosier’s long term method for success has been to utilize volunteers for their leadership as well as in-kind support for project planning and infrastructure improvements. The City/Fire Committee will continue the tradition for all phases of this project.